Pork appointments are made for each Monday of the month.  Call 402-839-4635 to set up an appointment. 


Slaughter $80

Processing $0.90 per pound  

Tenderizing $0.75 per pound  

Curing $0.75 per pound 


Because Den's Country Meats is a USDA inspected plant, we are able to sell custom processed animals. We choose to work with only trusted producers from our community to purchase live animals for custom processing. Den's is able to purchase the animal and have it delivered to us for your convenience. If you are interested in purchasing a pig for pork, please call 402-839-4635.

Pork Cutting Instructions

The following list shares examples from our pork cutting instructions.  To remain effective in our business, we still believe in taking handwritten orders. We do not submit orders online. If you need to place your pork cutting instructions, please call us at 402-839-4635 where one of our employees would be happy to walk you through our pork cutting instructions.