Our Story

At just 19 years old, Dennis purchased the local locker in Table Rock, NE. He had previously worked for the owner who wanted to get out of the business. After careful consideration and support from his parents, Dennis opened Den’s Country Meats on October 2, 1985, a short year after high-school graduation. The business began with a small processing floor and a few pieces of equipment serving the town of Table Rock with custom processing.

Dennis and Kim were married in 1992 and worked together at Den’s Country Meats beginning in 1993 raising their children Courtney, Colton, and Clayton in the business. All three children continue to help their parents in the business by helping dad when he needs meat delivered, someone to cover the cash register, switching smokehouses, or just doing whatever dad says.

Den’s Country Meats has grown over the years and serves the community of Table Rock as a USDA inspected plant with custom processed meat, award-winning sausages, and fresh retail cuts in store. In 1995 Den’s Country Meats grew by building a new bigger location along the highway and providing the additional services of a quick stop gas station.

Dennis and Kim have always found the importance of serving the meat industry. Dennis has served on the American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP) board of directors serving as President in 1996 and 2009, received the Accomplishment award in 1996 and a Golden Clever in 1997 for his work in recruiting new members. He currently serves on the nominating committee. In 2006, Dennis and Kim received the AAMP Outstanding Service Award for their dedication and support to the Nebraska Association of Meat Processors (NAMP). Dennis and Kim served as secretary and treasurer of the Nebraska Association of Meat Processors for 10 years, planning & hosting the convention for Nebraska processors to attend. Dennis also served as NAMP president in 1994.

Dennis has won awards for his products at the state, national, and international level. Dennis and Kim's most recent accomplishment was receiving the AAMP Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2019 convention.

Dennis and Kim’s efforts to good are not just limited to tending to the industry, though. Dennis has served as president of the 4-H Council and Ag Society, fire chief of the fire squad, Mayor of Table Rock, County Commissioner, and has now announced his candidacy for the Nebraska State Legislature. Kim has served as president of the High School Fine Arts Parent Board, a girl scout leader, president of the library board, and a softball coach.


Den's Country Meats continues to grow and improve to provide quality meat products to it's customers. 

Thank you to all of our family, friends and customers who have supported Den's Country Meat's over the years!