Deer processing

Deer Season 2021-2022

Hunters helping the hungry


Hunter's Helping the Hungry is a program established by the Nebraska Legislature in April 2012 that provides ground venison to families in need. It allows hunters to donate whole, feild-dresed deer at participating meat processing plants. To donate your deer, we need your Nebraska deer permit, and your checked tag. There is no fee to donate your deer. We are only able to accept 10 deer this year! 

This is a program of the Nebraska Game & Parks.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need when I get to Den's?

1. Hunting Permit that has been to a check point

2. $100 Deposit

What if I have deer meat I have boned out?

If your deer is entirely free of bones, you can bring it in fresh or frozen. We will weigh the amount you have and then take your order. The definition of boneless deer, is meat with no bones. If you leave rib cages or legs with bones, you will be charged an additional fee. A $50 deposit and your hunting permit are required to process boneless meat. 

Is it better to let my deer hang before bringing it in?

The sooner you get your deer to Den's, the better. Deer meat should be treated like any other meat. If left outside in fluctuating temperatures, the deer has a higher chance to spoil. At Den's we have controlled air and a temperature controlled cooler meant to cool meat at a fast pace. 


Do I get my own deer meat back?

When your deer arrives at Den's it receives a number that is then attached to your name and order at the front counter. If you specify that you would like steaks, roast or stew meat, then you receive those cuts back from your own deer. 

The machinery at Den's is equipped to process meat in 100 pound batches. Therefore, when you get sausages, ground deer, or other smoked products, that meat is not necessarily from your own deer. 

There is no need to worry though! We only allow quality meat to come through our plant. The last thing we want is to ruin a 100 pound batch of sausage because bad meat came through. 

My buddy and I brought our deer in at the same time and he already got his back; where is mine?

We assign each deer a number as they come in and we try to follow that order. However, sometimes it depends on the specifications you have for your deer. Some items are more popular and we make more batches of those to fulfill the need. We also make products in a specific order. We start by making items without any extras such as cheese, jalapeños, or spices. For example, we make plain summer sausage, then with cheese, then with cheese & jalapeños.